Top 12 Free Ridiculous Cloud Storage Apps

Top 12 Free Ridiculous Cloud Storage Apps for Android and IOS 2022

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Cloud Storage Apps: Time has gone, when we had used USB and CD’s to store our data. These things are not secure much. Everyone can access your personal data and corrupt it easily. Moreover to store data in USB and in CD is a security risk because data quickly attacked by viruses that may hang or remove your data permanently or hide it.

Cloud Storage Apps

Top 12 Free Ridiculous Cloud Storage Apps for Android and IOS

But now there are many ways to solve such kind of problem. One of them is cloud storage, Cloud Storage Apps provides us a facility to store data online and access it from anywhere at any time. We can store anything like videos, pictures, projects, files and all kind of movies. Just download the app and create your online account for storing your data and also you can share your data with your friend and family. It provide you facility that no can change your data only the data will be readable.

Cloud storage apps works on all kind of devices like tablet, smart phone and computers but there are free for both Android and IOS users. Just to create an online account and you can send your files and retrieve files online from your cloud storage. Cloud storage connect user to data server through internet. Users sends files to data server through internet. Data server is connected to other servers to keep the backup of your data. Cloud storage provides you many options like public cloud storage, private cloud storage, hybrid cloud storage.


  • It doesn’t give any permission to third party to access your data without permission, only you can access your personal data.

  • Like other storage devices data may not be lost or corrupted by viruses.

  • You can access your data at any time just in one click.

  • In case of other storage devices you must need to download some software to secure data but in this case you don’t have to need any software. In this way your cost is reduced too.

  • Data is stored on more than one servers, if your server is down or your data is lost you can access you data.

  • It helps you to fulfil your business needs by providing you large amount of space to store enormous data.

This article will help you is you want to keep you data safe secure, there are 12 free best apps are available for you to help you for storing your data remotely.

  1. Dropbox

  2. Microsoft One Drive

  3. Amazon Drive

  4. Media Fire

  5. Tresorit

  6. Box

  7. Google Drive

  8. MEGA

  9. Resilio Sync

  10. Yandex Disk

  11. pCloud

  12. Sugar Sync


Dropbox is used to store your files, keep backup of important data and to share your file. All over the world more than 2 lack people are using this app. It helps you to keep backup of your data and automatically load your photos in your personal cloud storage. Dropbox provides a facility to access your file even if are offline and easily copy paste it to anywhere. It provides you the best features of free trials that 30 days trial give you 2TB space and 180 days trail gives you 3TB space that is enough to store your bigger amount of data and easily changed it. You can store your business files, pictures videos and movies etc.

Microsoft One Drive

A Microsoft corporation that is available for both Android and IOS users. It uses bar charts to show how much storage is in your account. You can keep backup of your photos, access your files and scan anything. It provides you all features of Microsoft Office files with a lot of encryption. Microsoft One Drive provides you an option called Personal Vault where you can save your personal data and encrypt it by password. It provides you free space 5GB to 1 TB almost and automatically secure you photos/files. These files are easily available on every device like your computer, laptop or any smartphone just you have an app to access them.

Amazon Drive

It is a mobile app for both Android and IOS users. It provides the setting just like your cell phone, provides you different kinds of folders to store your data differently. Store your data easily in Amazon Drive and access it even if your Android is lost or damaged. No one can access your data without your permission.

More than 21 thousand people have Amazon Drive in their cell phones to keep safe their data. You can upload and access photos, videos, documents from you device.

It provides you all option that you can delete, update, create, search or download your files from your device.

Media Fire

Keep your data safe and secure”

This app is available for Android and IOS users, provide 12GB space to store your files, music, videos, presentation and documents, share them via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email through any other social media app. It automatically keeps backup your data. It allows you to encrypt your data through password. Uploading and downloading the files are on your fingertips. You can view your work like photos presentations, reading materials, spread sheets at every time you want. It keeps your Android devices more secure and safe.


Tresorit provides you encrypted folders called tresor and provide you a key to open that folders to access to your data. Some paths and links are available to share your data to your friends and family. Provides you a facility to access your files while you are offline. You can open this app without pass-code enter the pass-code and login into your account, your data and files are in end-to-end encryption. Sharing your data is quit easier. Just to creating memos and share your files to anyone. It provides you highest level of security that no one can access your files, no hackers or eve Admin of the app also.


Offline and online, people access to their folders. You can share your all data securely. Download the app on your phone or on computer and access your files as you want. You can preview your files online and change them at any time. It provides you 10GB space for storing your data. Share your files through Email attachment or any other media. It provides an opportunity to upload PDFs, Microsoft Office Excel files. More than 57,000 business mangers use Box to secure their critical information. It is fast and secure app to keep your data much save as you want.

Google Drive

Automatically available one Android and IOS and provide options to keep backup of your data daily, weekly, monthly or never. Data is stored on your Google Drive is more secure and safe than your Android device. If you have backup in Google Drive than easily access them event you lost them from your phone. You can quick access your files and review your recent files, search your files by name and share them to anyone, scan your documents and rename them. It enables you to viewing the documents offline. Almost all Android and IOS have their default Google Drive to store data.


There are 70 thousand users of MEGA. It provide you folders to save your files online. Your communication end-to end encrypted and your files and folders are safe and secure. Upload your photos, videos, documents online to your MEGA account and keep them secure from third person. Mega provides you an encrypted cloud storage that means only user remember the password and if it is lost your all data will be lost. It provides you chat option and user can easily attach files to their chat from cloud drive. MEGA gives you almost 50GB free storage space and provides you paid plans for 1TB, 2TB, 3TB etc.

Resilio Sync

It provides you storage to store a large amount of data as much as you want. Resilio Sync provides you folders to store data of any size. Provides you a facility to create your private cloud. Your data is completely secure from third party and unauthorized person. It allows you automatic camera backup that keeps your photos and files safe and secure. In Resilio Sync provides you backup of your complete data. This app provides you private way to share you every kind of document with friends and your family. Your information is not stored on the cloud server, no one can access your data without permission. The best facility it provides you to send directly to your friends by using QR code, directly connected two devices.

Yandex Disk

Facility of unlimited storage for your photos and files. Just you need internet to download the app and you can keep your files with you anywhere. You can move your data to cloud storage and get back from it in fee minutes. Transferring of files to your friends and business partners is just own your fingertips. Is provides you a disk to store your data. Your data is completely safe even if your tablet or smartphone is damaged. Your data is instantly available on other devices and provides you a facility of 10GB free storage space and many packages of 1TB storage space.


Access your files anywhere you go at any time. Share and collaborate your larger files with others. PCloud is another way to keep your photos and file safe with unbreakable storage encryption. Even you can access your files offline and change or delete them permanently if you want. Like Yandex Disk it also provides you 10GB free storage space to store your data, but an option is available to extend your space up-to 2TB. It creates automatically backup of your photos, videos and other data, and provides you facility to access them offline. An amazing option is to play your music in its built-in audio player and upload your music files regardless of file size.

Sugar Sync

Most powerful way to keep your data safe and secure and access it at anywhere, anytime. You just have a smartphone and start storing your documents, videos, music, and pictures also. You can access them even if you are offline and any changes are detected by the app automatically. Sugar Sync provides you 5GB space to store you data and share it privately to some people and hide from the third party. Provides you end-to-end encryption to secure your data.

Cloud Storage Apps


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