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Head Boxing MOD APK v1.2.2.12 (Unlimited Coins) Download 2022

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Name Head Boxing ( D&D Dream )
ID com.dnddream.headboxing
Publisher D&D Dream
Category Sports
Size 34M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Head Boxing MOD APK: Recently, as I was looking for a fight game for me and my most favorite friend, I managed to stumble across Head Boxing (D&D Dream) on the store and both of us played it. It was surprising to discover that a game that is simple to play like Head Boxing is so addictive and addictive. It was two hours of continuous boxing, which was a lot of excitement. Since then, I’m a big enthusiast of Head Boxing (D & D Dream) and I’ve already introduced the game to my team. Thank D&D Dream!

Head Boxing MOD APK: Head Boxing is an innovative game developed by D&D Dream, a publisher of the South Korean company D & D. D & D Dream is also the developer of two well-known Head Soccer and Head Baseball games. Additionally, the company also owns the rights of this game Dinosaur Slayer, The Nine, Under the Sea, Casher and The Last Supper are popular games that can be played on phones. Head Boxing is the third game in the company’s sport game series that is focused on boxing 1:1.

Audio and graphics

Head Boxing MOD APK: The game will begin by introducing the graphics and the sounds from head boxing. Head Boxing first. Like the earlier Head Soccer and Head Baseball this game follows the 3D illustrations from The Korean comic books. Although it’s a brutal game The graphics of Head Boxing are lovely and enjoyable with vibrant colours and chibi-style characters that have huge heads, large eyes. But cute graphics don’t reduce the intensity of the game.

Head Boxing MOD APK v1.2.2.12 (Unlimited Coins) Download 2021

Head Boxing MOD APK: The results that the sport produces are stunning and vivid, and always packed with enthusiasm as well as strength.The the sound produced by Head Boxing is an appreciatable aspect. Absolutely true, extremely lively. The sound of the punches and rattles as well as the moan and sound of the roar, the earth breaking The heartbeat, the flames, the thunder … Then the background music. Exciting musicians are sure to please you.

Gameplay and other features

Head Boxing MOD APK: Head Boxing is a simple sport. Anyone who has seen round boxing will know the game. The players will become a boxing champion and take part in one-on-one competitions (and as a group) using the abilities and a variety of bizarre skills available to take on their adversaries as they achieve achievements and conquer any challenges the game presents.

Head Boxing MOD APK: Players can earn rewards and trophies that can be used to upgrade to unlock more characters as well as new items. Over 100 gold medals await players to grab and many of the everyday challenges have to be conquered. The game offers five modes including arcade, championship, the survival mode, death mode and the option of a league to select from.

Head Boxing MOD APK: Play the game of Head Boxing and feel the thrill of boxing! Additionally, players can outfit themselves with cute pets that can help boost their strength and endurance during the game. Additionally, the game comes with various gear and clothes. You can personalize your character, make fighter characters that have a character and also upgrade and equip your character to enhance the strength of your style. In addition this game has an offline mode that makes playing with two players that is fascinating and practical.

Head Boxing MOD APK v1.2.2.12 (Unlimited Coins) Download 2021

Head Boxing MOD APK: The game allows you to enjoy Head Boxing with your lover or a coworker and then compete to win prestigious awards. The positive news is that in the most recent update the function of reproduction in your pet different expression systems as well as fractured fractures are improved and upgraded to make Head Boxing more fun.

In the final

Head Boxing MOD APK: Head Boxing is an exciting, thrilling and potentially difficult multiplayer game. The next update will I hope D & D Dream will enhance the player’s skills and strengths and weaknesses, and also reduce the challenge in unlocking new characters so that the make the experience more comprehensive.


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