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Name Heroes Strike
ID com.wolffun.herostrike&hl=en
Category Action
Version 522
Size 96MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+

Heroes Strike Mod APK: Heroes Strike is a MOBA match with many distinct modes and utilizes beautiful, friendly, and vibrant 3D graphics to bring players the fierce experience of the battlefield. When players return to the match, the first thing that impresses them is the varied ability system, unique character classes, and effective equipment for players.

Heroes Strike Mod APK v522 (Unlimited Gold/Gems) Download 2021

This game is also very diverse in sport mode, allowing players to have fun with friends or join Battle Royale matches. In any case, the game belongs to the 3v3 survival shooting genre, so players not only utilize personal abilities but also have to understand how to coordinate with teammates to overwhelm the battlefield.

Heroes Strike Mod APK: The game has enormous, diverse gameplay, and there are lots of things for gamers to entertain with friends. Things like the game style, characters, skills, maps, and its own attractive attributes have unlimited possibilities and will give players a fresh experience together with all the 3v3 MOBA genre.

The game also uses simple 3D graphics, together with vivid colours, beautiful designed characters, and eye-catching visual effects to impress the participant. If you are interested in finding a game with fast-paced gameplay and engaging, then this game is going to be an ideal pick for you.

True Esport spirit, you’ve found it!

Heroes Strike Mod APK: Players will control the personality via a classic top-down standpoint, it enables players to appear around more obviously, and tactical action dependent on the situation of the wall conflict. Of course, the maps inside this sport are meticulously designed, detailed, and there are lots of covers for players to hide.

Heroes Strike v522 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Gems)

There are even some grass bushes along the way for gamers to ambush the enemy with unexpected traps. Also, the game will encourage players with many different management mechanisms, such as 2-joystick controller, touch & auto-fire, classic controller, etc., to suit many distinct players.

A Distinctive PvP battle style made

Heroes Strike Mod APK: The console will probably have all the important functions for the participant. Functions like special skills, team communication, and more will be displayed on the screen. Whatever the player wants, the match will probably possess it, whether the control mechanism, the interface, or the communication with teammates, the game will make all perfect.

Heroes Strike Mod APK: The system of figures of”Heroes Strikes” is quite diverse and rich, and they are broken up into several different difficulty levels for gamers. Each personality has its characteristics, like attributes, look, and techniques. The diversity of characters and skills in a group is a considerable element in the strategies.

Players will need to understand the character they’re controlling and coordinate with different teammates to create great combos. While fighting, players can coordinate actions like movement, assault, abilities, or interact with the environment, and players can do anything they need in this game to bring success to the team.

Constructed for freebies!

Heroes Strike Mod APK: Based on the game style that the participant chooses, the objective in the game will be varied. The match will finish until the time is up or a staff completes the goal. Players may choose the random game mode, or some other specific game style to demonstrate their abilities on the battle. During the conflict, the player’s character begins at level 1, and will slowly level up if the player destroys the enemy.

Heroes Strike v522 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Gems)

Leveling feature is vital, and it’s the core of a MOBA game. After the character level up, the base stats will probably be made better, and permit the participant to add points in any skill. Each character has up to 4 different kinds of abilities, and a few can be active skills or passive skills.

Prepare your tactics, fight side by side with friends and climb up the League!

Heroes Strike Mod APK: The selection of abilities and the leveling system makes this game more intriguing than ever. Interestingly, players may also change some equipment support for the champion they’re playingwith. The gear is beneficial in many cases, and they’ll have many different effects when activated.

Also, the game will bring players several fascinating items, like events, costumes, mini-games, along with many different attractive prizes. Obviously, the sport will even bring players many new manners, and new heroes for gamers.


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